About Us


The Wild Life is a channel dedicated to featuring the all-star exotic entertainers of Wild Entertainment.  We will feature entertainers in Las Vegas and later, throughout the country.  Our first show is called “Strippers & Weed”.   This show features exotic entertainers and their experiences with weed in every day life.  We will focus on the positive benefits of usage.

“Strippers & Weed” will showcase dancers from shows like Magic Mike and Fantasy, strippers who dance in clubs like Spearmint Rhino or Sapphire, and entertainers who work private parties and corporate events.  And half of the show will involve the consumption and promotion of weed products.


Story Writing

We can help you develop your personal story that you want to share. Check out our Create Your Story page.

Brand Identity

We can help you with creating your own unique brand (self image that you wish to portray to the world).

Web Development

We can build and host your website and monetize it with options such as webcam chats, fan clubs and direct bookings.

Career Strategy

We can help you pursue a career in the exotic entertainment industry.  We provide free guidance at Strip University.

Social Media

We can help you utilize social media to grow your fan base and monetize it.


We have two indoor studios that we shoot out of.  We can also shoot on location.

“That awesome show that you binged watched on Netflix was once upon a time, just a thought in someone’s head.  The ability to turn fantasy into a reality has always been my greatest passion.” – Steve Kim